This is my custom CMS (PHP, MySQL, jQuery) which I developed over the year of 2017. If nothing else it was a great way to understand (and conquer) the complexity of CMS systems. Built from scratch, including customised database schemas and queries. It’s lightweight and well optimised. Strong focus on ease of use for clients.

Furthermore, most of the features in this CMS have been ported to WordPress plugins (unpublished) and used in client work in 2018.


  • AJAX loading admin system
  • Gallery with support for generation of multiple image sizes and PDF to image capabilities
  • Portfolio with support for pinning (attach to a category) or starring (attach to home page) individual photos. Wherever an individual photo shows up, it is attached to its parent portfolio which contains all images in the set
  • Drag-n-drop page builder with custom modules – easy but powerful to use
  • Drag-n-drop form builder